Looking to Add a Yoga or Qigong Class to Your Event? Look NO Further!

Schedule a Yoga and/or Qigong class at your home, favorite beach, park, retreat center, or your special event location. Classes are tailored for every body. All can participate, even in a chair. Yoga packages are offered for bachelorette parties, bridal showers, weddings, retreats, reunions, birthdays, family gatherings and get-togethers of all kinds. Individual private classes are also available. I make it EASY and come to you with mats and props. I will even snap a few photos if you like.
Valerie Mowbray, RN, E-RYT500
Professional Yoga and Qigong teacher
Crane family

Kripalu yoga

Yoga integrates breath work, meditative movement and relaxation.  It’s non-competitive, non-judgmental, loving and accepting. Emphasis is on spinal movement.  A consistent practice changes posture, relieves pain, helps to prevent injury, and creates a sense of walking tall with comfort and ease.  Beginners encouraged.  
Qigong at Kripalu

easy qigong

Qigong is for every body and no prior experience is needed.  Qigong is a moving meditation which uses slow graceful movements and breathing techniques to turn on your internal medicine, tune you in to the present moment and awaken circulation.  The most profound medicine is produced for free in the body.  


Meditation is a practice of mindfulness.  Attention is focused on the now, letting thought come and go without attachment.  The benefits of a quiet mind include a sense of ease and peacefulness.

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